Crystal Fine Art- Gallery and Studio

Testimonials from our Contributing Sponsors:


Harpoon Brewery

Sponsoring Crystal Fine Art, shows our support to the fine arts through an organization which deserves praise!
- Mario Norbis
Harpoon Brewery
306 Northern Ave., Boston, MA
(617)-574-9551 or 1-888-HARPOON



Crystal Fine Art provides our cafe with a stimulating atmosphere & eclectic artwork for our clients!
- Bill Evans, District Manager
Timothy's World Coffee
800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
(617) 424-1118


The Chinese American Fine Arts Society

As the only non-Asian member of our association, Scott Crystal has provided communication between the press, fine arts appreciation groups and helped us to find grant funding!
- Richard Yee, President
The Chinese American Fine Arts Society
11 Edinboro Street, Boston, MA
(617) 728-8588



Collaboration with Crystal Fine Art makes me feel like my company has been part of positive community involvement for benefits and fundraising events!
- Theopholis Vallas, Owner
Mykonos Fair, Greek Cuisine
Fanueil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA (617) 742-8349


Mahoganey Florists

Making floral arrangements for CFA's openings is fun for us, because we have an opportunity to create unique artistic displays that reflect the artwork!
- Maria Luz, Owner
Mahoganey Florists of Boston
101 Arch Street, Boston, MA


Testimonials from our Corporate Clients:


Leo Burnett

Thank you for hosting our 'Meticulous Mavericks' event at the Federal Reserve Bank. The artist, Matthew Rochon painted a wonderful rendition of our theme, 'Meticulous Mavericks' which was given to me as a gift.

- Jeffrey Winspers, President
TFA / Leo Burnett Technology Group

* Depicted at right is Artist, Matthew Rochon just putting the finishing touches on his painting, completed in 2 hours.


Scott Crystal helped us to select the artwork for our corporate office that reflects the attitude and character we wanted to portray for our corporate headquarters. We reviewed several companies selections and Crystal Fine Art found just what we we looking for. Thanks

- Adam Prince, CEO
The Screen House

* Depicted at right is one of the International Science-fiction posters selected for The Screen House office.


We decorated our office with a group of 15 original paintings by David C. Leonard, contemporary oil paintings of industrial landscapes. The artwork has given our corporate office the refined style and consciousness that reflects what we stand for.
- Susan K. Martin, Administrative Secretary
Sithe New England

* Depicted at right is one of the paintings acquired by Sithe New England from the collection of David C. Leonard.


Testimonials from our Artists:


Fine Art

Just checked out the slide archive. You did a terrific job! I can not imagine my paintings being presented in a more flattering way. Thanks a million!
- Ken Quirici


Fine Art

Thank you making such nice web pages and getting Viktors artwork posted by AOL, Lycos, Yahoo and other links! The exhibit at Saint Anthonys Shrine was a tremendous success!
- Katya Anufriev, wife and agent for Viktor Anufriev


Fine Art

CFA found patrons for my work and has exhibited my sculptures in many prestigious venues. Thank you for all your help and patience!
- Ulises Rodriguez

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