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Crystal Fine Art is a multicultural art gallery and studio exhibiting local, international, emerging and professional contemporary artists. Our hope is to effect social change through the colorful artistry of our diverse community. We intend to address the need for a return to the forgotten period when great artistic minds came together to philosophize about controversial issues. We will, as the artists who came before us, create a center that displays and discusses art as beauty, as social statement and as future definitions for a new millennium. Public Art is a concept we embrace, it's ability to be shared with a large audience and enrich the lives of those who can understand the vision behind the artist. Our mission is to recognize, understand and appreciate the multifaceted creativity within various cultures and backgrounds.

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Artwork on display around Boston and the suburbs. Contemporary artists from around the world exhibiting paintings, sculptures, works on paper and more.

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Artists work on-site and in their studios creating art for our clients. The Studio at Crystal Fine Art provides commissioned artwork in many styles and media.

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Current Exhibition:

"Homeland - Li Xubai" Chinese born artist and poet; Li's traditional landscapes are romantic and melancholy at the same time. His paintings take the viewer on a spiritual journey that refreshes and inspires the soul.

Past Exhibitions:

Premiere Exhibit
Perkins School for the Blind Fund Raising Event
Americana - David Leonard
Saints - Viktor Anufriev
Dreaming - Li Xubai
Fair Ladies - Candace Whittemore Lovely
Abstraction - Vivian Wenhuey Chen

Slide Archive:

Look through our archive of artwork by local, international, emerging and professionals artists. Most artists are available for commissions. Click Here to Enter the Slide Archive.
Services Available:

Painting - See Montana Wannasaveang in her studio working on an oil painting commission for a client from Bank Boston.

Works on Paper - Watercolors, pastels, drawings and more.

Printing - Fine art lithography, etchings, woodcuts, monoprints, solar-prints, collograph, silkscreens, aquatints and more.

Photography - Color, black&white, digital, non-silver and more.

Murals - Check out the Galaxy Mural; a fiber optic light mural with kinetic functions, 3-dimensional planets protruding from the surface and time-lapsed light shows from a supernova.

Sculpture - Take a look at Sowelu, an animation of a stone sculpture being carved and refined to completion. Now on display at Perkins School for the Blind for the children and students to explore with their hands.

Multimedia - Framing, furniture, jewelry, cyber arts, installations, logo design, corporate consulting, signs, graphic design and more.

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